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Prank Call Simulator PRO

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Call Simulator - (fake calls) PRO VERSION.***(New features below)***
Fly from that boooring meeting you've got at twelve!Looking for some fun with your colleagues, room mates, classmates or friends?Wanna drive your boy or girlfriend a bit jealous (in a healthy fashion)?
This wonderful application allows you to choose who calls you, and when will they call you (and now even what'd they say!). Pick someone in your address book, or craft virtual contacts using any name, any phone number and any contact picture, and select the exact time you want your phone to be ringing! Your phone will ring as if it were an actual call, or vibrate if vibrate mode is on.Get your ear close to the smartphone, and hear the voice of who's calling! This feature is quite useful if you are in a quiet environment and you want to make sure everybody actually believes you are being called.
Features:1. Let's you pick an actual (real) contact from the contact book, or craft virtual contacts from scratch.2. Let's you create a virtual contact, giving the name, phone number and contact picture.3. If the contact has a custom ringtone, that would be automatically used!4. (NEW) Creates a call entry in the call log.5. (NEW) Let's you create your custom voice message that will sound through the earpiece.6. Easy and fun!
Fake Call Simulator PRO - Prank call simulation, pro version!